Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Black to the Future - Biopics

I read recently that the Jimi Hendrix movie featuring Andre (3000) Benjamin has been completed – for some time now, but a release date has not been given.  A couple of weeks before, I read that Anthony Mackie would star in a silver screen version – and it would feature original music and…the family gave their blessings to do so.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Hendrix family and why there is so much controversy, check out this article as it sheds some light as to why Black folks need to handle their business while they are alive…and sober.  Courtesy of The Wrap.

The Aaliyah/Zendaya situation is a non-factor since neither is/was a big deal.  This is not to discredit but let’s be truthful here.  And with Wendy 'How you doin'?' Williams running this, it may be laughable.  Or it just may not happen since she couldn't make her own biopic (Indiewire) was never released.

Speaking of Lifetime Movies, I wish the upcoming Whitney Houston biopic was a non-factor but chances are strong that all the social media scrapping is only giving the project the attention that the suits want.  Dammit, she could sing before she became a wife, mother and then serious junkie who left us way too soon.  So what is wrong with using an experienced director (Bill Duke, perhaps?) and a silver screen release?

Does anybody know what happened to Purple Rain’s 30th anniversary?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Get Christie Love Marathon on Centric TV

Yep..the entire series on Aug. 23-24.  I couldn't believe it myself when I saw the announcement a few days ago.  For years, I thought that Get Christie Love was a made-for-tv movie based on blaxploitation films of the time.  Kind of a lightweight Cleopatra Jones or Foxy Brown except she worked for what looked like LAPD.

Anyway, about 10 years ago I bought a GCL dvd at the drug store and saw a 1.5 hour movie that was entertaining.  I'd been meaning to ask my mother, who went to school with the late Teresa Graves (Washington High in L.A., Class of '65) but when the subject came up, Moms would get a little weepy.

I've got posts, old school videos to share (including a rare gem if you liked KDAY back in the day when it was on the AM dial) and more coming in the next few days.  In the meantime, I've got my popcorn and other snacks ready!