Saturday, November 26, 2016

RIP Ron Glass

Corrected 12/16/16

 I know that it seems like people are really dropping off the planet in 2016 but the reality is that as we are given more spaces to share our craft, the more people are going to grace us with their presence.  One thing that I'm grateful for are reruns, as Ron Glass was one of the first the co-star on a major network sitcom in a role that did not rely on stereotypes.  On Barney Miller, he was witty, calm and never overtook a scene with even a hint of bufoonery.

As time passed, Glass managed to carry the same dignified persona in all of his TV and movie characters.  I just hate that he didn't get more mainstream attention after Barney Miller went off the air.  I'd have to say my favorite is when he played Zoe Saldana's father in Death at a Funeral.

Blackenstein is coming on Bounce TV tonight

 If you're tired of dealing with crazy holiday traffic and looking for something different to get into...the 1973 blaxploitation classic Blackenstein is here to the rescue.  In case you didn't know Bounce is now available on Spectrum/Time Warner.

Truth...I've never seen this one in its entirety but I think the trailer is pretty enticing.  Get yourself a bag of Chicago-style popcorn, a little something to drink or whatever will make you forget about Thanksgiving.  Enjoy!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Remember the Variety Show? GET tv Channel Digs Up Retro Gold

Growing up I remember those with a lot of singing and comedy bits.  Donny and Marie, Mac Davis, Sonny and Cherry were just a few that I liked but GET tv is taking things further by airing short run variety shows.

Like I kind of remember Captain and Tennille and Diana Ross's shows but I never knew about Clifton Davis and melba Moore, Smokey Robinson and others.  Tonight they're airing the Temptations variety show and I recommend adding this channel to your favorites if you like rare treats such as this.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

L.A. Businessman/Philantropist Dies

E.J. Jackson, founder of Jackson Limousine, died Tuesday from a heart attack.  For more than 35 years, Jackson Limousine was a big part of L.A. culture.  Not because it was one of the few long-term businesses owned by a Black person but because of what E.J. gave back to the community.

Many people don't realize that life can get tough out here, even if you have the right connections or a decent job.  Communities change for the better and worse every day, and all some people have to look forward to having an abundant meal over the holidays.

This is not about celebrating a holiday that may glorify theft of an oppressed nation or promote gluttony.  Baby boomers and Gen-X intersections remember when family got together.  Good, bad or indifferent, there would be no moments like this.  While I'm not impoverished, I would donate a finger to bring back those moments.

Although some things can't be duplicated, E.J. thought of those  without the resources to enjoy this time of year.  For more than 20 years, feeding the needy was something WE got used to seeing on the A.M. news. 
However, it was less than a week ago that E.J. was on the KTLA morning news asking the public for a little help in fulfilling his annual mission.  I was touched because we all know that every bit counts but...he was no longer there to lead.

As a proud Angeleno, I will post updates on this because local heroes deserve as much recognition as those on the screen.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wayback Wednesdaze

This was my jam back in grade school (West Athens ES Class of '80!).  Sadly, we heard little else from Pleasure after the release of this album.  According to, they broke up in 1981.

However, I liked this song a little better because the backing vocal sounds a lot like someone who was also becoming popular in the late 70s but would go on to be an icon times infinity.