Thursday, May 30, 2013

Remembering Marvin Junior of the Dells

They inspired the 1991 classic "Five Heartbeats" and in my opinion, never got the recognition they deserved.  Courtesy of 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wayback Weds...Sons of Darkness 1970s Funk

This is really new to me as I discovered them about a yr.ago.  Serious funk but the 411 is hard as hell to here's another.  
Enjoy your holiday!

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Original Soul Train?

Now, I'm not talking about when it was filmed in Chicago or taking away from Mr. Don Cornelius' legacy but there was someone else that came up with the dance show concept for Black folks because...Dick Clark wasn't hearing it back then.

Okay, let me reverse gears a little.

The Mitch Thomas Show was a local dance program based out of Philly.  It was also syndicated in the Delaware and surrounding areas.  Like Mr. Cornelius, he got his start in radio and eventually created something that most likely had more flavor than American Bandstand did back then.

His show would only last from 1955 to 1958 and never reached the West Coast or South,where it may have done well, but it was popular with black and white teens.

When I read about Thomas over the weekend, it reminded me of the movie Hairspray. My mom was the first person to tell me that Blacks were not allowed to dance on the show when it began.  However, according to her and her friends, this scene was typical if a person of color went to audition for Dick Clark and 'em.

Way Back Wednesdays: Andre Cymone + The Revolution Reunited

I was a diehard Prince fan from 1978 - 199? ...let's just say I didn't care for the TAFKAP period but I did go to a few concerts.  Anyway, my roommate and I always "fight" about whether Andre Cymone and P are the same person (despite having numerous coffee table books around the house w/early versions of Prince and the Revolution).  Bounce TV always plays the Soul Train repeats of Dance Electric (1985) by Andre Cymone but few know his first hit.

Now for you old skoolers that remember that the Revolution actually started with Dez Dickerson and Andre is something special for you.  A rehearsal featuring all the original male players of the Revolution.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Way Back Weds - Bernard Wright

Though many like "Who Do Love?" (which was sampled by LL later), this debut song is my jam from Jr. High.  At first, I thought this was David Hubbard singing but it nice to hear he's still performing.

Pipe Dreams with Gladys Knight (1976)

One of my cousins told me that I should check out this movie on TV because it was so sad. *shrugs*

That was over 30 years ago and even with Bounce/EBT/TVOne channels (Aspire is not in my area) at my disposal, I have yet to see this listed.

This stars Ms. Midnight Train and then-hubby Barry Hankerson (also the late Aaliyah's uncle) as a couple who are stuck in Alaska.  According to IMDB, there are some interesting plots that I won't give away but since it's apparent that someone from Bounce reads this blog, adding this instead of Blues Brothers 2000 or The Fan with Wesley Snipes and DeNiro.  

From the looks of things, I'll get to have her chicken and waffles (though I lubs me some Roscoe's) before I see this movie in its entirety.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Body and Soul/Classic Scene from 90's

I saw this last weekend on one of the digital channels and could only shake my head while waiting for Cheaters to come on (and I liked it better with Joey Greco as a host instead of Clark Gable's son/grandson).  Anyway, I had a bad case of the giggles (in the library, of all places) and decided to post this little treat.

Something nice: Jayne Kennedy is STILL a beautiful woman.

Now this clip here is funny for the YouTube commentary. 

As for yours truly, I was working in the library and gave thought as to why things did not work out for me and my ex.  For one, neither of us had great examples to look up to growing up. Things were never even paced is another factor and below is a classic scene from Five Heartbeats that pretty much sums it up.

Now I realize that drinking is a serious matter but this is some of what I had to deal with for more than a decade.  

How clouded is his thinking, you ask?  
He will argue with anyone that Chris Brown makes more money than Rihanna.  Really.