Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What You May Not Have Known about the Gong Show as a Kid

Those of us who watched the original Gong Show in the evening or after school may remember there was silliness and real talent.  While many, like the Givens Kids, were never heard from again Cheryl Lynn, Paul Reuben/Pee Wee herman, Oingo Boingo and Boxcar Willie are just a few contestants that made it to the big time.  But it seems producer and host, Chuck Barris, who just died from natural causes at 87, had other things on his mind.

Here is Audrey Givens all grown up, followed by a comedy skit.  Courtesy of TV One.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Can Chuck Berry Have His Own Biopic Now?

No disrespect to the Carter's 2008 effort Cadillac Records (which Bey and Jay-Z starred and produced, respectively) but before his recent passing, THE CHUCK BERRY story deserved the spotlight.

The highly-regarded Hail Hail Rock n Roll, was 30 years ago and not entirely dedicated to the guitar legend.  A vehicle that explores the life of a person who is native American and Black, while struggling in an industry that's less than kind to its talent, along with gaining the love and respect from fans, as well as peers, is a story worth telling.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Sly Stone

Without him, music might not have told us that everyone likes to groove and not all of us are hating on someone because they're different.  Without him, Prince, Lenny, Living Colour, and a whole bunch of other cats may not have a place to express themselves musically.  Here are some rare tracks that I hope you'll enjoy.