Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sparkle...the Old or the New? Whatcha think?

Last weekend, I saw this and there are a few scenes that are worth $10-12 (maybe a matinee at one of theaters that serves real food or has a bar).

  1. The club scene where they played 'Sing a Simple Song' by Sly Stone and 'em.
  2. The dinner table scene because you can see Whitney is trying REAL HARD to not go off on Mike Epps character.
  3. Tika Sumpter was just as cute as she could be (but a little dry).
  4. Aaand the ending was way more moving because Jordin Sparks had much more range than Irene Cara.

Soooo. Constructively speaking, they should have called it something else because though it obviously added on things and maybe cleaned up things a little (I know I liked them a little poor instead of middle class in a big ol' house).  
However, some things were just weird like that dude that looked like Gin Rummy (Sam Jackson's character) from the Boondocks.  I was waiting for him to say something that would take away from the fact that I need to buy the Season 3 DVD ASAP.  And no, I'm not clowning Albinos.

So I may see it again.  Word on the street is that they may not break even anytime soon but I will remain hopeful that people will see this for Whitney (RIP).

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

She's Playing Who?

Some time ago, we lost the legendary Eartha Kitt and not long after there was a rumor that Beyonce was going to portray her in a major studio biopic.  Black folks were already a little over-saturated on the bootylicious entertainer so this online petition was started.  The rumors have since stopped and there has been no formal announcement of whether their will even be a biopic of the late Ms. Kitt.

So fast forward a few years and singer Mary J. Blige had been picked to portray another legend, singer Nina Simone.  Like Mrs. Carter, her acting skills are limited at best but at the time people were happy that a movie was being made about the underrated musician.

Now, the rumor mill is saying that Zoe Saldana has replaced MJB.  And people are MAD!

Why?  Some say it's because the self-described Dominican-Puerto Rican actress never ID's herself as Black and the role should only go to such.  Others say that it's because she bears no resemblance.

Which brings me to Diana Ross in Lady Sings the Blues.

Without going over hearsay since I was only 3/4 when this was released, I have to say that it may not make a difference.  And what many people may not know is that Billie Holiday was rumored to be of Irish heritage as well as Black.  Whether its speculation because she was light-skinned or really had a White father, the one drop rule will always apply.  "Diane's" biracial children look like llight-skinned Blacks.

I got nothing against Zoe Saldana.  If being Latina is what she identifies with, then let it be.  Though she can't replace Halle, she makes money for the studios.  Who she dates is her business!

Ms. Saldana actually looks a lot like one of my younger cousins.  She's got the same hair texture and is rail-thin w/sharp (or keen) features...but she be Black!

So IMO if we can have another biopic of a Black female entertainer that is of great quality like Tina Turner nearly 20 years ago, why not aim for that first, get more of us in the studios without hate and then worry about technicalities.  Hmm?

Or call, producer Jimmy Iovine los angeles office at 310-865-1000.
The alleged contact is Cynthia Ann Mort,screenwriter. 

Courtesy of HSK and Rhymes with Snitch

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Soul Train...Where Can I Find the REAL tea?

Like you, I enjoyed The Hippest Trip in America and watch it every chance I get.  However, being the nosey bird that I am, I wanted to know more like...

Was there ever a cutoff in age? In the later episodes (mid 1980's especially), some of those dancers did not look like teens but old enough to pay a mortgage.  In fact, one person I went to school with danced on that show at age 27/28.

Was there ever a cutoff in how long you can dance on the show?  I noticed today that Cheryl Song (a.k.a THAT Sexy Asian Lady) danced from the mid 70s to the mid-late 80s.  That's a long time for something that doesn't pay a salary.  Now Damita Jo Freeman, Jody Whatley and Rosie Perez did it right.  A couple of yrs. and they got the right exposure...the rest is history.

Why couldn't a dancer wear a wig?  This one came from my cousin who claims that Don C. kicked him out of the studio for wearing a permed wig.  But the other day, I saw some chick who won the dance contest that had some dirty blonde plastic-looking thing that sat on her head like a helmet. 

Why did they stop dancing?  You know what I'm talking about!  Compare the first 5-7 years to the mid-eighties when women were doing a two-step in tight dresses and the men were either sorta dancing like MJ or jumping around in costumes and props.

Where can I get the tea?  Love Jacky Jasper but he doesn't seem to dig that deep in the crates.  Myra Panache gives bits and pieces but truthfully, I hate that blogs' layout.  She needs an indexing system BAD (Sowwy but I had to say it) :(.

RIP Al Freeman

Courtesy of Reuters.Best known for portraying Elijah Muhummad in 1992's 'Malcolm X, Mr. Freeman was also a star on stage and screen. He also directed the soap, One Live to Live.

We would like to express our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Family Time on Bounce TV...What Did YOU Think?'s not the worst thing on TV.  I think that while HuxtableLand is a nice place to aim for in life, it may not be everyone's reality.  There have been many Black/AA sitcom families that were more diverse and FUNNY.

That's it, none of the main characters were funny.

Now, make the mother-in-law (Judy Elder) and her husband (Richard Gant?) regulars, dump the lesbo sis (don't know her name 'cause she's not funny) and I know the son is "royalty" as he is sired by the show's creator (Bentley Kyle Evans) and Yvette Denise Lee (Half & Half - which they should bring back, btw and Living Single) - however, he is only slightly funny because when he goes into that 'playa' mode that preteen boys like to do, he reminds me of my neighbor - and he's grown.  The little girl can just do a Judy Winslow by going upstairs and never being heard from again.

Now, as a woman, I have to get this out.  Clair Huxtable may have set the bar EXTREMELY high.  I mean, damn, she looked like older Halle, had a real career, 4/5 kids - and comedic timing.  The mama here...they do a good job of camouflaging her super voluptuous body but when it comes time for her to say something, she has to stick out her chesticles, backside or talk about how cute she is.  Someone once commented that she should have Megan Good's career...hmmm, idk about that. Her looks and timing are barely average. 

And this is prolly why they got only 6 episodes aired.