Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sparkle...the Old or the New? Whatcha think?

Last weekend, I saw this and there are a few scenes that are worth $10-12 (maybe a matinee at one of theaters that serves real food or has a bar).

  1. The club scene where they played 'Sing a Simple Song' by Sly Stone and 'em.
  2. The dinner table scene because you can see Whitney is trying REAL HARD to not go off on Mike Epps character.
  3. Tika Sumpter was just as cute as she could be (but a little dry).
  4. Aaand the ending was way more moving because Jordin Sparks had much more range than Irene Cara.

Soooo. Constructively speaking, they should have called it something else because though it obviously added on things and maybe cleaned up things a little (I know I liked them a little poor instead of middle class in a big ol' house).  
However, some things were just weird like that dude that looked like Gin Rummy (Sam Jackson's character) from the Boondocks.  I was waiting for him to say something that would take away from the fact that I need to buy the Season 3 DVD ASAP.  And no, I'm not clowning Albinos.

So I may see it again.  Word on the street is that they may not break even anytime soon but I will remain hopeful that people will see this for Whitney (RIP).

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