Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Family Time on Bounce TV...What Did YOU Think?'s not the worst thing on TV.  I think that while HuxtableLand is a nice place to aim for in life, it may not be everyone's reality.  There have been many Black/AA sitcom families that were more diverse and FUNNY.

That's it, none of the main characters were funny.

Now, make the mother-in-law (Judy Elder) and her husband (Richard Gant?) regulars, dump the lesbo sis (don't know her name 'cause she's not funny) and I know the son is "royalty" as he is sired by the show's creator (Bentley Kyle Evans) and Yvette Denise Lee (Half & Half - which they should bring back, btw and Living Single) - however, he is only slightly funny because when he goes into that 'playa' mode that preteen boys like to do, he reminds me of my neighbor - and he's grown.  The little girl can just do a Judy Winslow by going upstairs and never being heard from again.

Now, as a woman, I have to get this out.  Clair Huxtable may have set the bar EXTREMELY high.  I mean, damn, she looked like older Halle, had a real career, 4/5 kids - and comedic timing.  The mama here...they do a good job of camouflaging her super voluptuous body but when it comes time for her to say something, she has to stick out her chesticles, backside or talk about how cute she is.  Someone once commented that she should have Megan Good's career...hmmm, idk about that. Her looks and timing are barely average. 

And this is prolly why they got only 6 episodes aired.

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