Saturday, August 11, 2012

Soul Train...Where Can I Find the REAL tea?

Like you, I enjoyed The Hippest Trip in America and watch it every chance I get.  However, being the nosey bird that I am, I wanted to know more like...

Was there ever a cutoff in age? In the later episodes (mid 1980's especially), some of those dancers did not look like teens but old enough to pay a mortgage.  In fact, one person I went to school with danced on that show at age 27/28.

Was there ever a cutoff in how long you can dance on the show?  I noticed today that Cheryl Song (a.k.a THAT Sexy Asian Lady) danced from the mid 70s to the mid-late 80s.  That's a long time for something that doesn't pay a salary.  Now Damita Jo Freeman, Jody Whatley and Rosie Perez did it right.  A couple of yrs. and they got the right exposure...the rest is history.

Why couldn't a dancer wear a wig?  This one came from my cousin who claims that Don C. kicked him out of the studio for wearing a permed wig.  But the other day, I saw some chick who won the dance contest that had some dirty blonde plastic-looking thing that sat on her head like a helmet. 

Why did they stop dancing?  You know what I'm talking about!  Compare the first 5-7 years to the mid-eighties when women were doing a two-step in tight dresses and the men were either sorta dancing like MJ or jumping around in costumes and props.

Where can I get the tea?  Love Jacky Jasper but he doesn't seem to dig that deep in the crates.  Myra Panache gives bits and pieces but truthfully, I hate that blogs' layout.  She needs an indexing system BAD (Sowwy but I had to say it) :(.

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