Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Prayers For All

This summer is exceptionally hot in L.A.  Smog mixed in with southern humidity and traffic is a sad combination.  Somebody on another blog stated that they did not feel safe with all of the recent violence.  These days, I seldom feel safe anywhere outside of my home, and this includes "good" neighborhoods where my dark skin is either a novelty or disregarded because it is assumed that I am poor, lack sense, as well as the resources to move up in society.

Yet, I still work at being the best bad-ass I can be...and I encourage others to do the same.  It may seem naive but there is nothing wrong with enjoying life.  Anyone can have it without bringing harm or threat to others.  Feel good about helping others in need without pretentiousness, let go of excess and take care of home.

People want to pray or meditate when things go wrong but often a clear head can prevent mistakes made.  While IT still happens, communities can be stronger by lending a hand.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wayback Wednesday..The Bill Cosby Remix...tells 70s kids NOT TO DO DRUGS!

Oh my freak....I was trying to take a break and ran into this Bill Cosby Yahoo story en route to checking my email.

Then I had a flashback to my childhood in Inglewood, CA.

You know that one friend with a wack record collection?  I was the opposite being an only child (though I was the big girl back then) and the fact that my mother was one of the youngest on the block who knew her way around VIP Records well.  And because of the latter I was always forced to hang with the homey girl (Mom's got things to do and people to see).

One day at her house, a bunch of us kids were bored.  Too young to go to mall without a parent.  To old to hang out at the park.  So we decide to dance to keep from thinking about boys.  So Tara pulls out Bill Cosby.  I'm thinking 'This fool's more square than she is...who plays him at the disco?'

This ish right here is about 5.5 minutes of a Parliament-inspired instrumental, then it goes into Bill giving his .02 to kids about the dangers of drugs. Then he repeats a chorus of "I don't take no bad drugs", until about the end.

The video above has a catchy beat and of course it's sad because me, like other kids from the 70s and 80s respected Bill...even if we liked Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy better.

Fast forward to about 5:56 and the jokes will write themselves.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Way Back Wednesday is BACK Y'All!

This instrumental jam goes back to sneaker skates, crayon shoes, and Ditto jeans.  I was in elementary school when it went up to 6th grade and all I could think about then was what the hell fine-ass Prince and his super-perm were up to.   Anyway, these were simpler times full of good music that's sometimes hard as hell to own right now.  Hopefully, Soul Train reruns will return and they will show this Japanese R&B (yes, they did a version of Tighten Up) play for Don Cornelius.  As far as I could tell, YMO has dropped off the face of the planet but here is a 2015 article about the veteran electronic music act (yes, this was before Art of Noise).

Should Bounce, BET, and TVOne pull everything Cosby?

As of last night (7/7/15) BET's Centric channel (which is supposed to target Black/AA women) was the only place to find The Cosby Show.  Yesterday, Yahoo reported that Bounce TV pulled 'Cosby', a lesser-known sitcom with the star as a blue collar worker with a somewhat cranky disposition. He's older and not as much fun as Dr. Huxtable but once again Phylicia Rashad played his wife, he has kids as well as racially diverse neighbors (the late Madeline Khan also starred).

If this were the case, it would mean that Fat Albert, Cos, The Bill Cosby Show (show that ran from the late 60s to early 70s that was recently shown on one of the digital television channels), The New Bill Cosby Show, The Cosby Show and Cosby would be a thing of the past as far as TV viewing goes.

I've lived some so I will keep my real opinion out of it.  However, I doubt Oprah or Tyler Perry will want to syndicate these shows on OWN or anywhere else.  What do you think?