Monday, June 25, 2012

Unsung TV: Charlie and Company

Cosby started something back in the mid-80s and like most imitations (including Family Matters and that show with Alan Thicke an 'em), I didn't care much for this but now in an age where random women (they call themselves my 'sistas' ... but I don't know about that) who get into fistfights over the most illiterate-sounding males, I want this show and all the other corny family sitcoms back.

Anyway, this had Flip Wilson, Gladys Knight, Jaleel White and Della Reese.  Meh...husband bickers with mother-in-law.  There's a sassy kid.  Then the kid that's too cute to really be bothered.  Acting is half there but ...there was a father in the house.

Rare MJ Song (Repost


Actually, this vid is cleaner than the rare appearance on the Dinah Shore Show and the audio is better.  Since the voice is more important than the dancing, IMO

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Was B.A.P.S. a redux of Disorderlies?

You tell me.

Young black persons placed in charge of a rich ,White elderly man.

Only they are not competent to do so and there is a relative waiting in the wings to collect an inheritance,

But the old dude recovers, and it's all good except the greedy relative has to call in reinforcements to speed things up.

They even take him to a disco/roller rink.

Yeah, I know there are other differences but there is a common denominator here - no acting  Troy Beyer.

 Truth, I liked BAPS better because Halle does have some comedic timing and I'm partial to anything shot in L.A.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Unsung Ol Skool TV Shows: The Other Good Times

Yeah, you heard me mention 'Baby I'm Back' not long ago.  If you're old enough to remember these, then you may know that there was a UK version of Good Times. See The Fosters below.

If you want an unbiased account  of what really went down with Florida Evans an 'em, click here.  Courtesy of TV Party.

Anyway, Bounce TV has me reminiscing for many shows from back in the day so I've decided to compile a list, 'till I run out of shows that could have been in reruns after reruns like Seinfeld or I Love Lucy.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Willie Dynamite Clip: Your Choice For Best Blaxploitation Film

Oh yeah, mine too!
In case the below vid left you wanting more from back in the day, here's what you voted for.  This scene is a tea (coke) party consensus where they discuss trade (bitches) and the possibility of forming an alliance so as to protect one's turf.  A cerebral Willie D ain't hearin' it because he feels his bitches should be free to take over any corner without permission.  The beginning of his slow and interesting retirement from the game.

'You sayin' you can't control your bitches?'

AfroThunda: Not Safe For Work or the Kids

Afro Thunda - watch more funny videos
I thought this was kind of cute so I thought I'd share.