Monday, June 25, 2012

Unsung TV: Charlie and Company

Cosby started something back in the mid-80s and like most imitations (including Family Matters and that show with Alan Thicke an 'em), I didn't care much for this but now in an age where random women (they call themselves my 'sistas' ... but I don't know about that) who get into fistfights over the most illiterate-sounding males, I want this show and all the other corny family sitcoms back.

Anyway, this had Flip Wilson, Gladys Knight, Jaleel White and Della Reese.  Meh...husband bickers with mother-in-law.  There's a sassy kid.  Then the kid that's too cute to really be bothered.  Acting is half there but ...there was a father in the house.

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