Saturday, July 21, 2012

Take a Giant Step (1960)


Johnny Nash (the 'See Clearly' singer, above) plays a typical a-hole of a teen.  He adores and talks smack to his grandmother (the typical ride-or-die grammie who later dies, which messes his head up).  He finds he only has one real friend (who is not part of the gang of 'nice White kids' at school that the mother tries so hard to appease).  His father is a stuffy bank teller (my Grammie can tell you this was a big deal back in this period when she worked at BofA in the 50/60s).

After being kicked out of school for speaking out against a teacher/smoking in the bathroom, he sets out into the world only to end up at the local bar when he meets 4 pros.

He finds that one who looks the most like Dorothy Dandridge has too many issues after a proposal of courtship/marriage.

Then he ends up at one pro's place with rent issues and not much to eat in her kitchen.  Getting the hell out of there means paying her a toll charge of $2.83 ($7.17 more to go!).

So this leaves a gorgeous Ruby Dee that plays the family maid.  And it turns out that all of his pent-up frustration just means that he's horny - and naive.

Since Mrs Ossie Davis isn't trying to mess up her money or catch a case, she leaves shortly after he proposes a booty call arrangement since he confesses to being a virgin to her.

 Anyway, I'm going into some detail because this does drag a little but it's not a bad movie at all.  General descriptions read something like "Black teen tries to adjust in White neighborhood".  I think coming-of-age tale is a better fit.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Since the 80's when I came to discover all of the cinema that passed me by as a kid, there was one name that would crack most people up before they could go into the rant about how degrading blaxploitation movies were to the culture.

Every Dolemite movie I'd ever rented was a bit grainy and the audio wasn't the best, so I never got the full concept except he got laid at least once.  Bounce TV cleared some things in their recent airing of The Human Tornado.

I've never been much into ol skool rhyming (Jesse Jackson, Nipsey Russell) so the stand up act just kind of left me...IDK.

Anyway, Mr. Rudy Ray Moore a.k.a Dolemite left us a few years ago but below is one of his last public appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show from the 90s.

Unsung TV: The New Odd Couple

I tried to get Tim Reid's "Snoops" uploaded but all I could find was the intro (the user account was not sharing) and the rest was that tall, skinny dude from LB.

So as I went down my list of Black sitcoms (which Tyler Perry dominates, the number of episodes aired).  I remembered this got a bad rap for casting (particularly "Lamont Sanford") and just being a weak imitation of the original 60/70s sitcom.

Anyway, here's a clip with the underrated Judy Pace.

Bounce TV:Uptown Comic

Since I've been away for a min., I'll get right to it.  I can't understand what the hell they're saying and what little I do understand is not funny.

Fantasia jokes...really?

Pregnant grandmother...try again!

I watched a full episode yesterday because I was sick and there was nothing else on.  Whatever your opinion is on integration, you are entitled to it but one brother tried really hard to convince the audience that there were advantages to having to suddenly read grocery store signs in Spanish.  I go back to when the ING was white so, no I'm not feeling this at all.

You could almost hear a pin drop.

Anyway, it's not that I hate stand-up or that everyone has to be like In Living Color or Def Comedy Jam...just less like Comic View or Apollo Comedy Hour (below). Oh well, I miss Lisa Nicole Carson (in anything else, of course)