Saturday, July 14, 2012


Since the 80's when I came to discover all of the cinema that passed me by as a kid, there was one name that would crack most people up before they could go into the rant about how degrading blaxploitation movies were to the culture.

Every Dolemite movie I'd ever rented was a bit grainy and the audio wasn't the best, so I never got the full concept except he got laid at least once.  Bounce TV cleared some things in their recent airing of The Human Tornado.

I've never been much into ol skool rhyming (Jesse Jackson, Nipsey Russell) so the stand up act just kind of left me...IDK.

Anyway, Mr. Rudy Ray Moore a.k.a Dolemite left us a few years ago but below is one of his last public appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show from the 90s.

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