Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pipe Dreams with Gladys Knight (1976)

One of my cousins told me that I should check out this movie on TV because it was so sad. *shrugs*

That was over 30 years ago and even with Bounce/EBT/TVOne channels (Aspire is not in my area) at my disposal, I have yet to see this listed.

This stars Ms. Midnight Train and then-hubby Barry Hankerson (also the late Aaliyah's uncle) as a couple who are stuck in Alaska.  According to IMDB, there are some interesting plots that I won't give away but since it's apparent that someone from Bounce reads this blog, adding this instead of Blues Brothers 2000 or The Fan with Wesley Snipes and DeNiro.  

From the looks of things, I'll get to have her chicken and waffles (though I lubs me some Roscoe's) before I see this movie in its entirety.

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