Monday, September 12, 2011

Scott Joplin Biopic (1977)

Recently, TV One ran this late at night and I recorded it.  Though a little slow-moving, this is a whole helluva lot better than some EBT church play  for a dull-ass Sunday afternoon.  I wish TV One would bring back other classics like Dummy or Battered where Chip Fields plays an abused wife.  (I guess I got a thing for Levar Burton this week, LOL.)

Fine @ss Billy Dee played the underrated musical genius alongside a very young Clifton Davis, whose performance was not half-bad.  Margaret Avery plays Belle, one of many wives the composer would have in his short life.

In short, this is about a man and his craft.  He created great music that was associated with the negativity that comes with being colored/negro/black/AA and like hip-hop today, it is eventually "stolen" by others once it receives national recognition.  To learn more about this great master of sound, click here.

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