Monday, February 27, 2012

Im Back and I'm Broke

While I wait on my rent (partial) to arrive electronically via the UK, I thought I'd drop in for a sec and visit.

People have asked me why did I have a Old School music 2011 obituary instead of one dedicated to actors and it hadn't occurred to me that I hadn't found one that was comprehensive.

Also, I give my condolences to Dick Anthony Williams, a fine actor who was more than Pretty Tony from The Mack. I wanted to get the clip from Players Club where he teaches LisaRaye how to shoot like a father would do with their son. That was a pretty touching moment because it's one thing for men to stick around long enough to become real dads but when they teach their daughters how to face the world and it's adverse moments, is really special.

So instead of made-for-TV movies and bit movie parts, I chose this clip -

So, I haven't forgotten my mission to include books and other media in this blog. Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting a young man that worked the magazine booth at Crenshaw Mall. Yeah, it's been through many changes and though I can't wait until they get another cajun/creole/real soul food place inside, I'd say this booth is worth stopping by. If you'd rather shop from home, here's the website.

Finally, don't forget to bookmark us as we continue our mission to bring positivity.  Oh yeah, speaking of positive things.  Today is the day after Oscars and from what I saw, I wasn't impressed.  In fact, it makes me want to push harder for indie films.  While my congrats to Octavia Spencer means nothing, I must add my $0.02 about us getting recognition for being oppressed.  It reminds me of an ass I used to work with that once told me out of nowhere that Black women were the most oppressed people on the planet.

Let's see.  I'm brown-skinned with nappy hair, not a babymama, never worked as a domestic or been on public assistance, educated, never been in jail or named as defendant in a lawsuit.  Not in 40+ years.  Where is my damn movie?

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