Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Marvelous Movie?

For years, I've heard rumors about a Marvin Gaye biopic.  Just like when Gen-Xers like me first heard Jimi, there were strong (pre-internet) rumors about Larry Fishburne buying the rights to his book.  He had just finished playing the hell out of Ike Turner so this seemed natural.  Of course, life happens and so does business and one can tell married life has been good to him (he did nothing to me so let's be tactful).

So now Andre (3000) Benjamin is slated to play the guitar great although without using his music, I don't know how this will work out in terms of box office sales (bka asses in the seats and not making the "video guy/bootleg man/DVD hookup" rich).  Personally, I liked the Wood Harris Showtime biopic from about 10 yrs. ago.  He did an awesome job even though he bears no resemblance.

And this week, Jacky Jasper reported that Lenny Kravitz has been picked to star in a biopic about the legendary Marvin Gaye.  Love Marvin (especially the I Want You album) and Lenny can do no wrong but .. IDK.  Why?  For one, the films ' focus in on the Motown artists' downward spiral (IRS, 2nd failed marriage, drugs) instead of what influenced him to write (and fight Mr. Gordy to have released) the What's Goin' On album.  Even his transition from gospel to secular music is worth 2+ hours.  The duets.  Anything but that period in his life.

So should actors take on such roles?  Personally, I'd rather have Mr. Kravitz than Usher (as it was once rumored) play him.  And I always hoped Prince could build up enough acting chops (or Warner Bros clout) to pull off Hendrix, since he has some timing but like Larry Fish, a little too long in the tooth for this to become reality.

What do you think?  Below is a track from one of my favorite albums, period.  He does channel Marvin pretty well if I must say so.

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