Friday, June 7, 2013

Norman, is That You?

Yep...back to actual reviews.  This 1976 classic stars Redd Foxx, Pearl Baily and a really young Michael Warren as the son reluctant to come out of the closet for a man who spent years calling poor Lamont Sanford a dummy...but he got the ladies.

Another one they never show on the Black stations but here is a spoiler alert that would definitely need editing.

Waylon Flowers and Madame (yep, the puppet from Solid Gold) have a cameo where Ms. M comes out in blackface and sings in "jive".

It was funny but then again, I've never been a PC person.

 This movie was also inspiration for the Sanford and Son episode where Lamont and Rollo visit a gay bar.  Enjoy!

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