Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wayback Wednesdays...For Trayvon and Justice

This is not to imply that a young man we lost way too soon did not have his faults but how many Trayvons are out there beaten by vigilante neighbors, unable to care for themselves or earn a living because they looked suspicious?

We all have moments when we blow up and say things to provoke that we cannot take back.  There was once a time when someone would take a deep breath and think about the consequences.

Right now it's the consequences that will lead people in the community to make these things disappear...outside of the legal system.

Why?  We HAD to BEG for a trial.  People had to explain why an unarmed BLACK teen should not have been shot at in the first place.  Then the media had to make a mockery of his friend.  For anyone who does not already know, Halle did not look the same when she was 18/19.  Is being dark, heavy-set and not a traditional beauty a crime or reason for some ugly, underachieving virgin to poke fun?  If so, they need to come get me right away!

So basically instead of coming full circle, the course has gone way off.  I didn't know about Mr. Martin's home life but often we hear about absentee fathers, mothers too busy working or trying to keep a man to pay attention to her kids, and the list goes on.  And of course, there's TV to tell others that we love to fight, have OOW kids we can't afford on our own, and cloud our heads with substances.

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