Monday, August 26, 2013

YouTube Blaxploitation Magic

You probably already know that YouTube is a great source of free movies and the blaxplotation films are not the exception.  However, there have been some serious gems...even if they were duds.

I saw Black Sister's Revenge on TVOne some years ago.  It was edited and though I got the message okay.  However, this version had my eyes glued to the monitor and sho' nuff wanting more wishing Jamaa Fanaka had done a sequel.  Here's a summary.

A homegirl from the South arrives in Compton in the early/mid 1970s to stay with relatives.  The relatives initially look their nose down at her (?) but since she's got one of those personalities, she wins them over.  Same applies to the neighborhood kids who are less than tactful (IMO she looks okay, she's just dark-skinned...but then again so are a lot of BLACK people).  However, by the time the big party arrives, one of the local thugs has his eye on her.

She falls for him even though he ain't got no job or prospects and even her uncle tries to place a wedge in between the new couple.  It is when dude gets locked up, she shows us what a ride-or-die chick REALLY is.  I won't give away the in-between but when she catches him cheating....let's just say there were no stunts!


On the flip, I saw a little bit of Darktown Strutters.  The truth is that there was only so much I could take.  I have surgery coming up in the next month so maybe I will get bored enough to sit through the entire thing.  How bad is it, you ask?  Well, I was able to sit through TNT Jackson, the Blacula sequel, and many Tyler Perry movies.  I don't mind women in Labelle outfits riding around in choppers but those special effects and cartoon sounds were just too much.  Not even Roger Mosely could save this flick...and I liked Sweet Jesus Preacherman!

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