Sunday, January 18, 2015

Wayback Weds...Making Up for Lost Time in 2015

Love Injection - Trussell

This right here was my rollerskating jam back in the day and I have it on my MP3 (yes, I still have most of my albums, too) today.  Heard it on an old episode of Soul Train recently and damn near lost my mind.

Don't know much about these people or where they are today but this rare groove just reminds me of simpler times.

Release Yourself - Aleem (a.k.a. that flyer party song from the early-mid 80s)

Now if you remember Dr. Dre when he DJ'ed at that itty bitty club on Avalon, south of El Segundo, or the flyer parties near USC...or you lived for KDAY on the AM have to remember this song.  Don't know what became of these people either but I thought it was a treat to have the full length. 

And if you really liked KDAY on the AM Dial...

The you know they were in the only station is L.A. that played this crazy remix of Humpty Dance by Digital Underground.

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