Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Stop It Reelz Channel!

If you're even a somewhat regular reader, you know I took Prince's passing rather hard...so did a lot of people.  There are even some quietly protesting the latest release of new songs (or song) as well as the Paisley Park museum.  Some diehards (or his sister) say he would've wanted it this way but personally, I'm gonna pass 'cause I'm still digesting it.

Anyway, anyone with cable knows that the Reelz channel likes to do tell-alls on the deceased.  They have Elvis, Marilyn, MJ, and now they're on Prince because I guess he's more "important" than Natalie Cole, Scott Weiland, Pfife Dawg, and many others we've lost in the past year.  Like Whitney Houston and others mentioned, the more sensationalized the life, the more shows they manage to create...even if it sounds redundant after a while.

This is the pattern I've picked up on (mind you, I haven't seen every topic on every dead celebrity).  The first deals with the general facts.  It's pretty mild and talks about what most people know along with 1-2 surprises.  This was the first that aired shortly (and I mean really short) after his passing in April.  Stock photos were decent but I could tell, as this person was part of my life 36/48 years, they didn't do their homework.

Following Reelz programs deal with their intellectual property, love lives, or how they transitioned out of this planet.  That's fine I guess but the public needs to take some things into consideration besides getting facts straight.  Prince fans are a whole 'nother breed of folks.  I'm not diehard but I remember quite a bit, especially the early years so it wouldn't hurt to dig a little for people that don't know about Wax Poetics or never read Right On! back in the 70s or 80s.

So, this past Saturday Reelz debuted Purple Reign and it was less than stellar.  Though I never cared for wife #1, the mispronunciation of her name offended me, it seemed to breeze through and not say anything different than the first tribute this his life.  The worst was the few stock photos used didn't coincide with the time period...and they weren't the best!

Back to the feelings of the fans.  We did not expect this (4/21).  It's super sad to imagine it was planned but sometimes we don't know how bad our own friends or close family feels deep inside until its too late.  Moreso if this whole thing (pills) was about keeping up appearances.  I kind of felt he would live into advanced age because so many people do now, while dealing with the what comes with it.

Forgive the digression but this is to say that maybe it would be best to switch off to someone who may have been an open book about their addiction during their lifetime.  Another idea are living celebrities with money problems and lawsuits.  I know the Gladys Knight story is very interesting right now.

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