Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Black Folk's Career Suicide

Video courtesy of Keyboard Gangsta
I decided to switch some things up for this month so the music is coming tomorrow.

Now, I never wanted to start a gossip site or use this as a platform to put people down but is the world going crazy?  I'm not talking about the Kardashians or barely literate athletes or rappers showing out before the camera.  What I'm referring to is people killing their careers over BS.

Last year, it was Nate Parker.  I didn't see Birth of a Nation though I heard it was very well-acted and the cinematic visuals went above and beyond.  However, I wasn't feeding into the hype as to whether I should support his work as a member of the black community.  It wasn't even like it was a Nat Turner documentary, so I chose to pass.  Just like he chose to display zero remorse for his victim on camera and deny Oprah an interview (which may have at least piqued more interest).

Kanye's been on a downward spiral for some time and I can only pray for a speedy recovery.  Got the feeling there's a real serious situation here but I won't speculate.  Just please stop supporting the Orange Monster, if you thought George W. didn't like us, then you're in for a helluva shock.

Which brings me to Chrisette Michele...a singer who has struggled for years to get the audience her voice deserves.  Well, she recently got an audience and a little extra change, in exchange for her dignity and lack of respect for what our ancestors fought against.  And there's nothing wrong with needing money (especially if you don't fit the Top 40 mold...musically or visually).  My issue is that the community has to stand strong because white isn't's people with common sense and a heart.

The last entry has jokes that write themselves.  First, Stacey Dash was never a great actress.  Before the BET awards scandal last year, she made her money making mostly straight-to-DVD movies with a weak plot.  Let me go on record by saying that if I had to play the Game's love interest in order to pay my bills, I'd call it a career (because Clueless was a loooong time ago).  Not that I'm special to look at but to be in hustle mode for decades...only to bite the hand that fed insane.  

Before FOX News came along, BET paid this hoe's bills pretty much.  Then she goes off on Jesse Williams after dissing not just Black awards show but the idea behind the month of February.  Her public support of anything against the Black community seemed to be getting worse before it got better (unfortunately, that strategy only works for Ann Coulter).  Then suddenly, the Orange Monster wins, and she's out of a job she wouldn't qualify for anywhere else, FOX News used her because she's vulnerable.

Didn't forget about Steve Harvey....he's too easy.

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