Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Music Throwback and a Message

Sorry, if I'm a little MIA, had back-to-back exams and projects to complete.  But I've been lurking on the some of the blogs about what some of these new entertainers REALLY think about Black women.  Now, being from L.A., I think people should date who they please but respect their own as well, whether it be Black, Brown, or whatever.  

Seems the rappers have particularly strong feelings.  While Kendrick Lamar has praise, others go in on women with dark brown skin, natural hair, and features that are far from keen (but if you have an Inflata-Booty you MIGHT be allowed to party with those who don't have half the wealth they floss).

Anywho, I was so into my gym time today that I let my music tracks do their thing and ran across this gem by Meshell Ndegeocello.  A truly underrated sis whose Plantation Lullabies CD (from 94/95?) was truly on point.  Talk about reading sellout brothers for pure filth...

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