Sunday, June 18, 2017

Legends of Chamberlain Heights is Back!

Sorry for not posting sooner but I had to share. Especially since it's coming on at 11:30 tonight PST on Comedy Central.  If you miss The Boondocks or appreciate the comedy of three teens just hangin', this is so worth checking out.

Now, in case you've never seen this half-hour cartoon, it is kinda like 21st century What's Happening.  Three teens - one overweight, one silly, and the leader, of sorts - with a love for b-ball (there are some LeBron references in most episodes) and girls.  However, there's no neighborhood Big Mama for everyone to love and fear almost equally.

In addition, the sexual and drug references make this better-fitted for Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network.  But in between some of the crass humor are rhetorical jokes that reflect current policy and social situations, as well as some joke targeted to the Gen X crowd.

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