Sunday, July 16, 2023

Will "Cinnamon" Give Blaxploitation Lovers the Fix We Need?

During my last blog hibernation, I met a film buff and we're doing the damn thing. Problem is, he loves science fiction, thrillers, and anything violent. While I don't have a vast blaxploitation DVD collection, he was entertained by JD's Revenge and Willie Dynamite. Lightweight think pieces like Five on the Black Hand Side and Snowy Day in Oakland are like taking Nyquil in the afternoon for him.

So, in celebration of Dad's Day, we go to see The Blackening. While still getting over the reserved seating concept in addition to matinee prices being in the two digits, we find a relatively comfortable spot. wasn't bad...but not that great either.

It kinda reminded me of if in Living Color were updated and made it to the silver screen but toned down to say what we're thinking...and then some. Problem with this formula is that it can be mediocre but brilliant with the right comedic timing. Some may disagree with me but I'd suggest this list for your horror flick bingeing pleasure.

In Cinnamon, Pam Grier has again resurged in her role as that bad ass woman that gonna make everything alright. Looking awesome for her years, she, along with Hailey Kilgore (Jukebox from Raising Kanan) star is this Tubi original movie about a young woman trying to make her way in the world.

Damon Wayans also star's as the titular character's shady boss, along with a host of newcomers. Released June 23, I'm surprised this film hasn't received more attention with it's mix of drama, comedy, and action. My assumption is that many still think of Tubi as "that channel" for hood flicks with bad acting and almost storyline.

It looks like today is a new day...and at the moment, you're getting quality entertainment at no charge outside of an internet connection. As budgeting has become a greater concern than ever, I know I'll be checking back more often.

Well folks, I know it's been a couple of minutes and I'm still getting my mental engine lubed up. If you're blessed to see a new day, make it the best you can! LATER

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