Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baldwin Theater Prints - Los Angeles

Long before Mr. Magic Johnson got into coffee and movies, there was the Baldwin Theatre at the NW corner of La Brea and Coliseum by the jungle.  Since I lived near a lot of multiplexes (Hawthorne 6, Old Towne Mall..back when they had the pony rides), I only went there once to see the Color Purple in '85 and next thing you knew, it was gone.

Though the new site has a major bank and some of the most addictive Philly sandwiches this side of the West Coast (even their veggie version is good), I hate that theaters in the 'hood appear and disappear like ghosts.  Anyway, I have a work space there and between my disposition and waistline, I have many challenges before me. LOL

Anyway, one day while waiting for the bus (I refuse to drive my bucket down there), I noticed this writing in the ground.  They didn't do the hand/foot thing like at Mann's Chinese in Hollywood but I wanted to capture this before those with evil intentions take them down.
 Pam Grier
 Marvin Gaye
 Billy Dee Williams
Louis Gossett Jr.

For those in the know, I intentionally did not take Marla Gibbs or Madge Sinclair (RIP) because it looked like they'd been attacked already and eight MP can only do so much.

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