Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thomasine and Bushrod/TNT Jackson

Summary:  A Bonnie & Clyde meets the early 20th century Western + post-slavery.  Has some comedic parts but viewer should have some patience.  Chase scene is worth the wait if you like action.
The first time I saw T&B on cable, I turned the channel after about 20 minutes.  For one, I've never been into Westerns and some of dialogue/scenes seemed to drag a little.  Though I was fortunate enough to meet the late Vonetta McGee a couple of times in the 80s, I never gave this movie another thought until recently.

This movie may not have had the cult status of Blacula or The Mack but I can respect what they were trying to do - diversify. If you don't change, then you can't grow and that applies to all aspects of life.  Anyway, I would watch this over those tired EBT/TVOne/GMC plays for a dull-ass Sunday afternoon.  Why?  There is a lot we take for granted.


TNT Jackson sounds like one of those blaxploitation films my mother warned me about.    The sound was so bad that I couldn't even hear the dialogue well enough to know what the plot was.  Bad acting, worse martial arts choreography and my copy looked like someone rubbed Vaseline on the lens.  Some people on AMZ said that they got cartoons as part of their movie, mine abruptly cut off when Jeanne Bell killed Stan Shaw, so buy with caution.  I've dealt with Import CDs for a couple of years now and I wish I could return this one to them.  I've never been much for demanding a refund when it comes to movies and being I paid less than $5 (including shipping), they need to give this one away.

TNT Jackson reminded me of this scene from the very underrated basic cable satirical comedy Jackie's Back where Jenifer Lewis and Dolemite (RIP) parody some 70s blaxploitation movies.

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