Friday, July 8, 2011

Those Were the Days

Back when I was growing up between the Century Drive-In and Imperial theater in Inglewood, I didn't realize how much I may have missed out on. I wasn't born until late '68 and I just barely remember the neighborhood kids taking me to see the Melting Man and I cried so much that my mom had to pick me up.

*Sighs* Thanks Mom!

Anyway, back to blaxploitation business.  OK, I watched The Hit Man again and though dude is almost old enough to be my grandfather, I wouldn't mind going out on a date with Bernie Casey.  We both like art and since I just put this link on my FB wall, gotta keep it clean. LOL

Also, I found out who the mystery actors were that appeared in both Hit Man and Cool Breeze.  His name is Sam Laws and finding his pic online is hard because there are about three public figures with this name - and they're White.  Anyway, he's no longer with us as well as Bhetty Waldron/Fast Fanny from the bowling alley on Sanford and Son but I got a clip of her in action w/Fred.

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