Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bounce TV is in L.A.

When I first heard this, I couldn't believe it and I scrambled to the one non-cable set in my home but no luck.  Even though I had extra antennas/converters, I could not pick up this channel 13.2.

Yesterday, Time Warner stopped by to do their thing and I'm not mad because I can watch basic cable shows on my laptop.  Not going to talk about roommates right now :((

But I am loving this.  No booty videos, no station owner popping up to give HER .02 about everything. 

And truthfully, anytime I was not on salary, cable was never a priority for me but a luxury.  So not counting my last long term assignment from a year ago, it's been a hustle trying to keep Time Warner happy.

Anyway, I know I've made a new friend and if you're in a situation where you gotta let something go, consider Bounce TV for the great movies and Soul Train reruns.

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