Friday, April 6, 2012

Pam(ela) Grier Biopic

I think movie-goers are long overdue for something exciting, even if it gets the Hollyweird touch later.  Though I didn't get around to reading her book, I would see this movie.

As far as who should play her, a lot of people are going w/Tocarra (DDD) but I think anyone who could pull off the fact that she wasn't that great of an actress back then (she brought some game in 1997's Jackie Brown) should be considered.
Yep, I said it.  An actress so good that they can play an actress who did not have the real skills.

But what I do like about Pam Grier is the multifaceted personality and things most people didn't know.  It would take a skilled actress to bring that as well.  Maybe Sophie Okonedo[sp].

Halle is a little aged.  I think her friend Vivica could have done it at one time but mixed or not, I've seen all three of Frankie Lymon's "wives" and they all look like they're pushing the big 5-0. Pam was in her 20's at the top of her game.

But here's a fun fact.  Halle wanted to do a remake of Foxy Brown.  I think she could have done it not just based on sex appeal but she does bring more than looks to her parts.  Wonder if she going to pull a piece from her 'fro (see original trailer below).

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