Sunday, December 23, 2012

70s TV Superheros Are Coming to Digital in 2013

Anybody that was a kid from 1975-1980 can appreciate some Steve Austin or Jamie Sommers a.k.a.The Bionic Woman, regardless of color.  Or my favorite at the time, 'Charlie's Angels'...with Farrah Fawcett, of course!

Yep, somebody's been taking notes and realized that you can never beat the originality of old (or retro) TV shows.  I've also been pretty fortunate to see some Blaxploitation movies I've never heard of.  When I think of Sugar Hill, I think of Wesley playing a more toned-down Nino Brown, not an actress named Marki Bey doing some voodoo mess.  I may get that one uncut for Halloween next year.

So, back to topic.  Just as I was getting comfortable with watching restaurants that I would never visit and noting those places in Cali (yes, I will ride a train), here comes this Cozi TV channel out of nowhere.  They're also supposed to bring back the Lone Ranger (before my time, sowwy) and some other classics.

Here is the link.  Just enter your zip and it will give the current and future listings.

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