Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bounce TV Schedule Updates

One of my favorite pastimes (cause I'm a little broke but it's getting better) is looking through the Bounce TV schedule weeks in advance.  So far, I've seen about 20 movies that were completely new to me so I hope someone continues digging in those crates.  And of course, you can NEVER see Blacula too many times!

So I'm looking up 'til Christmas Day and I see a couple of things that are very interesting.  One is "Paid Programming" Do we really need more infomercials?  I mean really, Cindy Crawford is pretty because of a melon, Debby Boone still sings that same song from 1975/76.  And there's a gadget for $29.95 that will replace your skillet, microwave, Dutch oven - buy now and they will send you ... another one because the first is SO great!

The other shock was 'Forgive or Forget' , a talk show from the 90s that starred Mother Love and somehow Robin Givens (who was trying to rebuild her rep) ended up hosting.  Now, I burned out on talk shows way back when Morton Downey and Richard Bey left the air so I never got the full tea as to why Mother Love left in the first place.  (I had a life, no kids and a car so it just slipped me).

So now in the age of gossip blogs, I get a little bit here and there about celebs which 90% is true.  And I'm curious as to whether ML was railroaded or what.  And is Bounce losing $?  I hope not because I tend to have bouts of insomnia that last from about 2:00a to 5:30a and nothing makes me feel better than watching a blaxploitation classic or Soul Train rerun.  Even if it's from the 80s with that no-dancing guy on there.  Yes, the tall one.

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