Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Year and a Little Tea

Hey'yall!  I first heard about Bettye Lavette last year on PR.  Since I (no longer, LOL) don't have the audacity to copy & paste and I never heard of her, I let the tea of her new tell all pass late last year.  Courtesy of The Daily Beast.

Here is a vintage vid and I really want to say that I HATE the state of music today.  That is all.

Okey dokey.  I got some Soul Train tea though it wasn't everything I expected.  Linda Howard, a dancer from 1973-77 who also performed with the Motown group High Energy passed over the holidays.  On many forums, people asked which one she was since you rarely saw their faces dancing.  She had more Asian features.  Not sure of her nationality as I remember arguing this with friends at West Athens ES (Go Class of 1980!) but her features stood out the most.  Here is a hit that I didn't know about until a couple of yrs. ago.  Would be nice if Mariah can get off whatever and do covers of these classics. JMO.
On a lighter note, I got found an interview with Damita Jo Freeman.  If you're just barely catching up to what Bounce TV has to offer (NOW it either comes on early in the A.M. or it comes on twice in the afternoon on the West Coast), she's famous for doing THAT high-ass kick.  Like Pat Davis had the neck-roll (back when it was cool and not a stereotype), the kick and robot were her signature steps.  Check her out in this classic clip w/Joe Tex.  

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