Friday, January 25, 2013

Blaxploitation and Other Movie Classics on ThisTV in February

Though there is nothing on their homepage, ThisTV is doing a tribute to Black History Month by showing the following

Across 110th Street
Black Girl
Five on the Black Hand Side
Halls of Anger
Hotel Rwanda
I'm Gonna Get You Sucka
Odds Against Tomorrow
The Organization
...and I'm pretty sure Sugar Hill (not Wesley an 'em) is in the lineup also.

So far, it looks good and if you have events you want to advertise for the month of February, hit me up!

Here's one that I hope to catch soon.  UPTIGHT came out in '68 with a very young Max Julien, Ruby Dee and other familiar faces.  Bounce TV would air this after midnight when my lights were out right before the holidays.  

Speaking of, what's up with those Soul Train reruns?  3 and 4 in the morning?  Think of us on the West Coast, PLEASE!

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