Monday, February 18, 2013

She's Playing Who? - Pt.2

I didn't see 'Betty and Coretta' on Lifetime because I still don't have cable and I just wasn't feeling it enough to watch at someone's house.  The reviews were mixed and I don't see MJB as an actress and like many, I have a hard time seeing Angie B as Coretta since she played Betty in both 'Panther' and 'Malcolm X' back in the 90's.

On a lighter note, VH1 has decided to bring us a bio-pic on TLC.  Not a hip-hop head but I liked them back in the day and feel they should have called it a wrap when Left Eye died.  Anyway, they have brought on a non-actor to play the one with the most personality (RIP, girl) and a great actor to play the one with the least personality (maybe she'll get the baby hairs right).  So for the one that barely sang, they will probably cast Fantasia.  In today's world, anything is possible.

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