Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Shows From Bounce TV

 I still love Bounce network even though their last attempt at original programming left me a little dry (seems others felt the same because its been about a year and no mention of either show returning).

Anyway, I love a good roommate sitcom and you can't tell me Laverne and Shirley wasn't funny back in the day.  I once even read that before they became really famous, Wendy Williams and MO nique were supposed to do a buddy-buddy show before they fell out for good.  Hopefully, Bounce will get the rights to The New Odd Couple with "Lamont Sanford" and Ron Glass (Black dude from Barney Miller).

Yes, roommate shows are nice but why do I get the feeling that My Crazy Roommate is a copycat of Half and Half?

The show about half-sisters who live and try to get along in the same apt. bldg. was one of my favorites and I hate that Rachel True was maligned because she only spoke the truth about these up-and-coming networks.

So politics and racism aside and back on topic, I see the multi-colored eclectic-style apartment (I liked Mona Thorne's place better) with the lighter female as bourgie, a little too uptight and other characteristics that remind me of DeeDee Thorne.  Then there is the darker one with curly hair but a lot more attitude but still an outcast of sorts.

Hmmm....I'm going to stick around to see where this goes.

BRKDWN is news geared towards a younger demo.  It also has a lot of scripted dialogue that goes on behind the scenes.  I don't love or hate it but I do think it needs a little work.

Hosts - Ol girl is cute and has personality but IMO, multicolored hair went out with Kelis.  The guy is kind of just sorta there...maybe.  This could be why the female sometimes talks superfast.

Supporting characters - As a former member of Team Chunk, I have to say this.  If you're going to have a big girl on there, show her some love.  Get clothes that fit and weave that's not matted or weird looking.  A big sweet dark Chunky Bar in bad wrapping though funny like Shirley the waitress from Whats Happening.

Though I hate they debuted with RayJ but I appreciate them spreading the message on politics, cancer, and college ball.

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