Saturday, October 12, 2013

Should Blacks Stay Away From Reality Shows?

Since I've been without cable for going on two yrs. now, I've gotten deep into cooking shows when there's nothing else on.  Though I love to cook, I hate the predictability of reality shows.  Particularly those that star 
Gordon Ramsay.

Just found out that former MasterChef competitor Josh Marks allegedly committed suicide.  Not long ago, the 26-year old had an altercation with police and it has been said that he suffered from a mental disorder.

Coming from someone who deals with addiction and other destructive behaviors from various family members, a reality show is the last place he should have been.  Even if he was talented (though he lost to a blind competitor), needed the exposure or money.

Reality TV is one thing I do not miss with cable services.  Recently, while in recovery, I skipped through many marathons of Hollywood Exes, R&B Divas, and too many too count.  I got my NeNe fix back when she had a medium-length weave and bell pepper nose.  I'm not even going to discuss Basketcase Wives.

However, it did start off innocently enough with Real World back in the early 90s.  I even made plans to join the San Fran (1993-94) cast but found getting that audition tape was at the bottom of my priorities.  Now I think had hat come to fruition, I would probably be another stereotype that would not have the resource to turn things around for the better.

Though it's been argued for more than a decade now but the question remains, Why even support these shows? The ones that try to not be violent are dull, other were bust at the starting gate (e.g. Who Wants to Marry a Midget) and truthfully, nine times out of ten, when you've seen one person sing, you've seen them all sing.  Little Asian men that sound like Barry White or blue-eyed blondes that can wail like they grew up in a Baptist church are nothing new in L.A. or other major cities.

So while Bounce TV may not exactly read my mind or show the old blaxploitation movies I want to see, every day of the week...I will always respect their choices.  I discovered the Aspire network while I was recovering and I have to say I'm pretty impressed at the strides Black Hollywood is making when it comes to showing positive images.

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