Saturday, January 18, 2014

I Miss Bounce TV

A few weeks ago, illness forced me to leave my hole in the wall and live in a house where every tv has Time Warner cable, which does not carry several stations that specialize in old movies.  Now, I get free rides to the hospital, a view of the fact, just about everything is free since I don't write as often.  But this does not mean that my mind has stopped working...not counting the occasional brain fart.
) I didn't see '12 Years...' though I like Chewitel and Brad Pitt mostly because I didn't want to.  I'm glad a deep chocolate sis is getting love but why cant she be loved as a lawyer, damn good mother or something else?  This is not to say that hoes, slaves, crackheads and maids are not worthy but Clair Huxtable was along time ago!

Then the minute the powers finish raving about "the red Ralph Lauren dress", here comes Aisha Tyler.

People that trip me out the most are the ones with REALLY ethnic names (as in starts with De or La or ends in esha/isha/ishia, etta or other combination) but run real fast to the other side.

Anyway, besides being not funny, I don't know much about this chick except she has a White husband.  I tried when she did Talk Soup some yrs. ago.

So in getting to my point, there's been nothing on TV to watch while I recover.  Oh yeah...reruns of I Love Lucy, Dragnet, shows from the 70s and the occasional hour-long program dedicated to bacon and other delectable treats I can't eat.

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