Monday, February 2, 2015

Missing My 80s Sitcoms...Thanks Time Warner!

Over the weekend, I had my popcorn ready to get into some real nostalgia, even though I finally got my digital TV situation under control and can now see Bounce TV.  My cable listing showed that Gimme a Break was coming on TV One...twice in one evening.

Right after the What's Happening reruns went off, I waited to see my Nell it is....damn, on comes the Good Times theme song.  I've seen enough of Jimmie Walker to last a lifetime!

For those who may not remember this was a sitcom before Cosby but broke down stereotypes in its own way.  The late Nell Carter played a sassy maid to Dolph Lungren (who passed in the middle of the series' run) and his three daughters in suburbia. 

While she was overweight and mostly less than glamorous (but she did try from time to time), that character was more real than the Jeffersons' Florence Johnston.  Instead of comebacks, she gave the family real advice when the time called for it and seemed to have a little more heart than most domestic technician (Mrs. Garrett from "Diff'rent Strokes/Facts of Life is a close tie).

Here is an episode with the late Whitney Houston during her modeling days. Hopefully TV One will get it together by this weekend.


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