Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Again with that Statue

Last week, those skinny b’s got on my damn nerves. One is mad because her husband didn’t get nominated and the other is forgetting where is bread is buttered. So once again, what about financing our own thing?
For those who want to get something going, don’t go after broke bishes like me and say we can’t unite. My heart is in the right place but my few coins are to ensure that I have a place to stay when I’m 70. Not to buy expensive shoes for hoes. Not to get a car with a name I can’t spell. And especially not to buy hard drugs or other stupid mess.
And take a better look. Asians aren’t getting noms either and if you want to find a Latino that’s down with the cause, let them in too! When it comes to creating a community with strength in numbers, you can’t have too many resources. And we can portray characters that are not dirty, stereotypical or oppressed. YAY! Hell, even go after some of those dealers-turned-moguls. They may not be holding the long bread like Buffett but this will give their asses an opportunity to be Robin Hood of sorts. Something for all with money looking to find wealth will think about…no?

For those who say they have to go through the man, I say have a talk with Spike Lee and other about distribution and word of mouth because I’m seeing a lot of Black/AA films get attention (and accolades) without traditional promotion.
Finally, let’s take a look at past Oscar winners. While Whoopi is still in the game and hasn’t altered her face to please anyone, others have not been so lucky. Halle, Jamie Foxx and Denzel work but don’t seem to have the same audience post-win. Mo-Nique, Cuba Gooding, Lou Gossett and others have been demoted to mostly straight-to-DVD or TV projects. Some, like Irene Cara and 3Six Mafia, have fallen completely off the radar.

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