Tuesday, January 19, 2016

That Little Gold Statue ...All That Glitters 2016

So it's nice that Mrs. Will Smith has something to say but does it really need to be said?   
How about saying something after other things have been accomplished?  
Such as no more police brutality, no more babydaddys, no more "uncles" and no more of our people using reality TV as a come-up.  

What about giving the average person some love because they did something good without being famous?  
What about showing off your kitty kat or eggplant to that special someone you plan to spend your life with instead of the world?

So in other words, it's one night of alleged celebration.  What about the other 364 days when people don't have a platform that makes worldwide news based on celebrity?  What makes people special?  Because they put out a movie or because they made a profound difference in someone's life?  

I say eff a celebrity and let's get back to celebrating real people!

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