Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wayback Weds - Tribute to Prince

In case you didn't know, Prince didn't care for YouTube or many other streaming video sites (I have an opinion about Tidal but I'll keep it to myself).  So finding his (or the protege) videos were never guaranteed.  In fact, I once used 15 seconds of 17 Days for a promotion and got a cease and desist letter from his attorney less than a week later.  Of course, I honored it with no question.

So Madhouse was my favorite side project of his and hopefully I can snag the 24 album while I'm on this planet.  I have 8 and 16 in its original release and even a few 12 inch singles I'm now taking with me (I have no children, nieces or nephews ...nor younger cousins that appreciate's better than letting the cat inherit, right?).

Now, there are many videos to discover and if you're diehard like me, you may spend a pretty penny on some rare cuts (like when he was releasing 3-4 CDs a year...sorry I couldn't keep up I had bills).  From now until the end of June, everything will be Prince or the proteges for this series of posts.

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