Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Your ?'s for an Ol Skool Fool

Hey, I hope you're not on vacation again! I like the tribute to you know who but I miss the reviews.  Do you still watch old black flicks?  You used to give Indies a little love but that was a long time ago.  So what's up?

Going back to school when your old friends are becoming grandparents is rough but I would encourage anyone to do it😼.  Truthfully, my pattern lately is to watch a whole bunch in a short period and then switch to 1990+.  As far as indie flicks go, the only one I can recommend is The Man in 3b.  Besides the magic that is Lamman Rucker, its a good story with better acting.

Tried some others in the past few months. 1983 with Hill Harper and Sharon Leal was a little intense.  I like Aunjanue (or ingenue) Ellis and rented the Volunteer on her name only.  The only reason why I understood it was that I have family dealing with mental illness (another Hill Harper movie, btw).  I saw Divas with Rachel True and while the story was interesting, not even Vanessa bell Calloway could save it.

On the flip, I'm still watching the Mod Squad DVD collection and going further back with the black flicks.  Check out a young Eartha Kitt below

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