Friday, May 11, 2012

Bounce TV: The First Month + A Tip

I am loving this channel.

Never knew Richard Pryor, Vonetta McGee and others made so many movies in the 70s and 80s.  Since I wasn't born until the end '68, I missed out on quite a bit and some things cannot be found on Amazon.

And of course, I work around Soul Train reruns!

While I am saving money and my last nerve not dealing with the cable company, I do have a few concerns.

  1. Why is it when you go to the site, it acknowledges your area but you have to use the drop-down menu when looking at the schedule?  For example, I'm in L.A. but the website defaults to the East Coast schedule.
  2. Why are some shows on the schedule mis-labeled?  I've seen a few movies that were supposed to be comedies labeled as 'Drama' and vice-versa.  If they need a volunteer panel to help them sort, I can donate a few hours a month.
  3. How come older movies (before 1960) on the schedule do not have a summary?  Once again, I can give them some of my time to help them work this out.
  4. Speaking of the newer movies, why are those in constant rotation?  There is a reason they went straight to DVD and for the most part, they're just too weak (dull/ bunk/waste of time)  to be shown at a franchise movie theater.

My new movie recommendation is Dysfunctional Friends.  Despite the weird casting (Terrell Owens, Stacy Dash), this dark comedy is not bad.  Each character is unique, annoying and lovable all at the same time!

Tip of the Day:  Be careful when reserving with Redbox.  They're more than happy to deduct from your card but should you not pick it up, they take forever to reimburse you.  So when you place your reservation, be 99.99% percent that you will pick up by 9 in the PM.  Later!

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