Monday, May 28, 2012

The N Word/Bounce TV

I wasn't born until late 1968 in Los Angeles county.  Like some who grew up on the Westside/LAX area during this time, my few friends were a range of colors and many were the product of a mixed relationship.

When the ING became mostly Black in the 70s, I was pretty shocked to hear kids using that word like they'd been hosed down by law enforcement, chased by dogs or told they couldn't eat somewhere.

I'm not judging though my opinion is that if you're a baby boomer (or born earlier), you have the first-hand knowledge of what it is really like to be discriminated.  Not saying that it doesn't happen today but you will find there are many who initially bring it on themselves (example: Jena 6 case from 2007).

Anyway, I mention this because Bounce TV has been a helluva education.  I can't stress this enough.  For one, I didn't know Blacks did so many western-style movies back then.

Fred Williamson is not one of my favorites when it comes to his actual films though I respect how him and Pam Grier handled their business (they get paid residuals).  The Legend of Nigger Black Charlie did not hold me the way Thomasine & Bushrod did but I found this account rather interesting.

Now speaking of Bounce TV, there are a few programs they should really take out of their lineup as of 5/28/12.

  1. Blues Brothers 2000 - or show the original, which was way better, before showing this for the umpteenth time.
  2. The List - Wayne Brady is only entertaining that one Dave Chappelle bit
  3. Ali - just because it's bunk
  4. Leonard Part 6 - even as Mr. Cosby was at the top of his game during this time, this will always be his off-moment
  5. Love For Sale - Mya, that video model....mmm,just get the rights to Video Girl with Megan Good
Now, if you can find old episodes of Baby I'm Back, that show where Bernie Casey played a single father  (can't find it online) or Pipe Dreams with Gladys Knight and then-hubby Barry Hankerson, I'll cancel my Redbox account

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