Friday, May 18, 2012

Donna Summer and What I Don't Miss About Cable

As you know, the music and art community lost the great Donna Summer to advanced lung cancer on 5/17/12.  More than a disco singer, all she did was bring it better than Diana Ross, with a little more polish than Chaka, more glam and less gospel than Aretha yet she is much more than the Queen of Disco.

While I'm disgusted at celeb tweets calling her Donna 'Summers', I have good news if you didn't know already.

Bounce TV is doing a tribute starting today with an appearance on Soul Train, followed by the 1978 musical comedy 'Thank God It's Friday'.

Do you know how sick I was (and I'm sure you are too, if you're paying TW, Cox, etc) of BET/TVOne supposedly giving someone a tribute during the commercial break and it cuts off after a few seconds?  "EBT" finally got it somewhat right but it was a trilogy of Etta James, Heavy D and Whitney Houston.  This wouldn't be bad if they passed the same day or week but they let their respects play all the way through for the whole 60 seconds!  I mean really, they can give Lil Wayne every drip drop of a second of a track it sounds like a preschooler wrote or show that tired-@ss My Wife and Kids.  However, they can't pay proper attention to those who helped to pave the way for them to have a medium in the first place.

Anyway, on a lighter note.  Ms. Summer held it down for a long time, in other words she looked damn good.  This is not an attack on those who love their sweets *raises hand* but after age 40, staying trim becomes a challenge. 

Here is a guest appearance on the 90s sitcom Family Matters -

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